Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poetry Slam

Inspired by Beth Owl's post (, I too want to participate in the Brigid poetry slam. So I am posting one of the poems I wrote in India this December.

Here goes

The Song of the RiverValley

The starry night has descended
the luminous moon arrives
the fragrant raat rani whispers
the perennial romance of
the river and the valley

the passionate kiss of the sun
melts the pure virgin snow
the joyful river conceived, the valley cradles
longs to merge with the ocean, her source
longs to be her path, her guide
so he may taste the ocean again
so she may be fulfilled again
so they may be love again

he holds her in his heart
he places his love on her heart
kisses, embraces, bows, blesses

the silence of the valley flowers in her heart
her dancing bells echo in his ears
she wildly courses through him
touchs touched
by every stone, pebble, rock
in his embrace, her course is set
in his kisses, her fate is met
no stone left untouched, no drop left untransformed

this course is blessed
her movement, his depth
dancing the lovers kiss again
at His feet, meet again
Rejoin. Rejoice. Reborn.
This perennial dance of rivervalley song.


Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Wow. This is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing yourself and your Art!

- Beth

Alice in Wonderland said...

I am so blessed to see you on my blog. Your blog has truly been a source of inspiration and a wonderful resource for discovering creative souls and ideas.