Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Prince of Hearts

The Prince of hearts (of the gasp and swoon variety) raises his cup to adventure, love, and enchantment in the universe and in turn the universe toasts "Bon Voyage" to our royal traveler. This prince is devastatingly handsome, chivalrous, noble, and whatever else your disney coached princess heart can dream of. That I know.
But have you ever wondered what his cup might contain? Yes, it could be wine. But surely, our prince knows better than to drink and drive. Too cool for DUI. I can totally imagine that his cup contains this "Chocolate Caramel Enchantment Chai" from the faraway lands that he dreams of traveling. This chai contains a whiff of adventure, of fantastical creatures, of unfathomable treasures, of deep mysteries, and of hauntingly beautiful princesses. I also happen to know that his cup is made of the darkest and richest chocolate: the perfect aphrodisiac for his valentine. Maybe he is headed for your town tonite. So wear your most dazzling smile and your heart on your lacey sleeve and maybe, just maybe he will offer his cup of love to you.
Or better still, brew your own cup of caramel chai and dash off to your very own adventure. Bon Voyage!!