Sunday, November 8, 2009

Karma in My Fairy Tale World

I received my "Fairy Tale Tarot" deck along with the companion book "Once upon a time" by Lisa Hunt a couple of weeks back and I have wanted to blog about it ever since. I have been reading Lisa's excellent blog for some time and was eagerly awaiting my very own fairy tale deck which would hardly be surprising considering my love for all things fairy.
The very first question I asked the deck was "What is the story of my life?" The answer was : "0. Red Riding Hood" (The Fool). It is at that instant I realized that this deck was mine. This answer deserves its very own post to explore all that the story and that card mean in my life. But can't help pointing that the Fool is my personality card (based on Angeles Arrien's Tarot Workbook) and also I own a red hoodie which I wear every single time I fly.

Today, early in morning India time, I asked the deck: What fairy tale story do I have to learn from today?
The answer: 11. The Goose Girl (Justice).

Like most fairy tales, justice is a strong theme in the story of the goose girl wherein the goose girl is betrayed by her maid on the way to marry her prince; forced into secrecy by her maid who takes her place but finally the truth is revealed at last.

As fairy tales focus on one karmic thread, it is easier for me to understand what is just. In my life as the karmic threads interweave, I have lived these individual story threads but need to meditate to see the emerging karmic patterns.

For today, the thing that leaps out at me from this particular fairy tale story is the secrecy part. While I am not sworn to secrecy, it is a secret because I simply cannot physically say it. But as in the story, there are ways to let the prince know. The hand of Karma is sometimes so strong in certain relationships that it makes you grasp. While I may not be able to perceive the pattern yet, I know it will emerge and it will be beautiful to look and even more beautiful when I understand.

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