Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Mystical Magical Toolbox for Manifestation and Mindfulness

"The Manifestation Part"

I recently attended a "Creative Visualization" workshop at my friend Erien's meditation center also fondly known as the Lighthouse. Everything that was said in the workshop reminded me of the Magician. The Magician is the master of creative visualization. Literally speaking, he " visualizes to create". The Magician is also the master of manifestation. Have I connected all the dots from "creative visualization" to "manifestation"? Almost. The four missing dots are the Magician's magical tools: magic cup, wand, sword, and coin.
In this workshop, I meditated and visualized what I wished to create. And then with Erien's help, I framed a personal mantra that embodied my creation. (That mantra is so important that it gets its own post).
My mantra is :

"I empower myself to empower others through tarot."

But now, I need to use the magician's tools. I have to align my cup (heart), sword (mind), wand (actions), and coin (resources) to this mantra in order to manifest my creation. I look at these magical tools and these are the questions that they ask me.

1. Master Cup :
Do you feel strongly about this creation?
Does it involve helping yourself and others?

2. Master Sword :
Is it crystal clear, concise and precise?

3. Master Wand :
What actions are you taking to bring about this creation?

4. Master Coin :
What resources (time, money etc) are you using to create?

I ask and answer these questions in an endless loop and have seen my feelings grow more positive and strong and deep; my goals get more aligned to my heart's desire; my actions becoming more energetic and diverse; and discovering many new and old resources that could help me manifest my mantra.

"The Mindfulness Part"

Now I see this magical toolbox available to me everywhere and try to make it work for me. When I am cooking, I see the cup energy in my feelings about food and cooking and the people for whom I cook and the liquid ingredients of cooking (oil, vinegar, water, soy sauce); I see the wand energy in my actions of chopping, stirring, and heating, in my creativity, the fire which cooks my food; I see the sword energy in my knife, the aroma of the food, the precise menus I make for my guests; I see the coin energy in the resources I use to cook my food (the pots and pans), the food itself (the bread, the fruits, and vegetables), the entire kitchen itself which is nothing but the land I cook in, and finally the coins I use to buy my groceries etc. As I become more aware of this toolbox, the more mindful I become.

Whenever you ask for this toolbox, it magically appears . So use it whether you want to manifest something special or you just want to be more mindful.

P.S. My toolbox is sparkly and colorful. Now go find yours.