Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ushering the Festivities: Past/Present/Future spread

It is wonderful coincidence that a festive me is welcoming the festive season. There has been much happiness in the recent past which has flowed into the present and made the future look hopeful and shiny. Today is Dhanteras (Dhan = wealth, teras: thirteenth day of the Kartik month) the first day of the Diwali (Festival of Lights) celebrations. I have lighted a candle to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity in my life.
As I move forward in my career and life, I ask my cards for guidance using another three card spread: Past, Present, and Future.

"Past" card: Ace of pentacles
This card is the first card I ever drew for this tarot blog. The Ace of pentacles is always welcome. It usually means a gift of material nature from the heavens. It could an important official document that leads to prosperity (like a job offer, marriage contracts, education degrees) or actual material gain (inheritance etc). This also an excellent card for new beginnings of a material nature ( a new house, a new business venture). For me, it was getting a work permit to work in this country. I think we may label it in the category of "an official document that leads to prosperity". It is indeed a joyful new beginning for the next phase of my career.

"Present" card: King of Wands
The King of Wands is a natural creator and business man, brimming with energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. The gift from the recent past has made my head buzz with new ideas. I just had a great idea a couple of days ago which I shared with my friend who could become my project partner. Wands demand action. So, I need to get my butt off the sofa and act on these ideas. It should be fun since I have the blessings of the King of Wands.

"Future" card: Two of Wands
Again this card is a card that has been discussed in an earlier post. The Two of Wands talk about a partnership in a creative project (Yipee!!). A partnership that is just getting off the ground. This could mean that the time has come to make some decisions in either an earlier partnership or time to work on a new partnership or both. As always, both partners need to put in the required amount of time but this card promises the potentiality of the venture. The 2 of wands also tells us that there are so many possibilities that we almost need to be a eagle and look into all of them.

So summarizing, I am told to be action-oriented, lit my creative fires, and look into all the posibilities. Sounds like a plan. And now, I must soar.

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