Saturday, November 17, 2007

These Boots Are Made For Walking

The Queens of the Tarot have their own distinct personality and in the fall, you will see them ramping through their worlds fabulously attired. So how can you recognize them? The answer, obviously is to look at their feet. This is what I think their feet are wearing.

Queen of Swords (Air) : This cool and fabulous fashionista is wearing silver boots to match her gleaming sword. She is articulate, logical, and makes great points just like her toes. If the Queen of Swords sounds just like you, maybe you need to own this boot too.

Queen of Wands (Fire) : The fiery and passionate Queen of Wands shows off her flamboyance in animal prints. These boots are purrfect for the catwalk. A wildcat at heart, this lady is not afraid to show her spots. Here's her pick for the season which can be found at

Queen of Cups (Water) : This very feminine and coy, daughter of the deep water, usually doesn't need boots. But even mermaids and merqueens can't quite resist this purpulish blue boot which reminds them of their home. So here's where they shop

Queen of Pentacles ( Earth) : This sensual yet sensible Queen loves the outdoors and is the only one who really likes walking (The Water Queen prefers to float, the Air Queen prefers to fly, and the Fire Queen prances). She prefers shoes that not only look good but also are cosy and keep her toes warm. This is where she buys her luxurious shoes mostly during a sale:

So, finally, what queen are you or rather which queen is your sole-mate?


Anonymous said...

he he he.

Ginny said...

OMG this is PERFECT! I love boots and this is the greatest way to understand court cards, getting to know their personalities. SHOES! LOL! Brilliant!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hello Ginny,
Thanks for your comment. That is just the inspiration I need to write another fashion post. :)