Thursday, October 11, 2007

A three card reading : Body/Mind/Spirit

I have to finish some pending coursework and submit it on 26 th October. This has been duly noted on my shocking pink Issac Mizrahi designed diary. The files for the two pending assignments have been duly decorated to make the assignments more attractive. So half my work is done. Even though, I am the patron saint of last minute assignments, I sometimes need to start atleast thinking about my work in advance, since the next 10 days are Navratri and I shall be busy appeasing the Sacred Feminine Energy, Shakti.

So today, is the day I start working on the other half. Tarot cards of course have to be consulted and I am doing a quick 3 card Body-Mind-Spirit spread.

Body : King of Wands
I need to be very physically active, social, optimistic.
Good for me, I did some exercising in the morning and am headed to my dancing class this evening.
Mind: 5 of wands
The mind is in conflict. Yes. There are so many thoughts. All running in different directions wanting to post on the blog, write comments on orkut tarot communities, watch TV, make chocolate, start on the assignments, do the dishes---all at the same time. Poor me.
Spirit: Magician
Looks like I have to summon the magician. In this case, the magician seems to represent the ability to manifest what it desired.

I need to *manifest* these two assignments. So off I go.

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