Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TC (Today's card) : 2 of wands

As Sun pointed out to me today that I hadn't done a TC in a while. So here it is. The question was: How will my day be?

My ramblings:
I see, a man ( he looks like a trader or merchant to me) with his feet on the ground; two "living" wands on either side of him seem firmly planted to the ground. The word "foundation" comes to me. The man holds the globe in one hand. What are his intentions? Does he seek to make his mark on the world in some way? Do the wands as usual suggest action and creativity and the number 2 a partnership?
There is a picture on the wall which shows a cross, rose, and a lily. Am I at the crossroad; what are the roses (love) and lilies (faith) telling me?

While I am writing all this, I have an epiphany. I know exactly what this card is telling me. This card isn't talking about my day but is directly addressing some thoughts that have been hovering on the border of my conscious and unconscious mind. So I have had a creative idea that combines my mystic and expressive side (to achieve worldly fame , I kid you not ). I am in partnership with someone I "love" and have "faith" on this project. A new situation that was not expected has entered this equation and now I am at crossroads. According to the "Pocket guide to the Tarot" by Alan Oken, I need to make a decision so that I can move forward.

Very true. Sometimes the card don't necessarily answer the question you put to them; they give you answers to questions that you want to know but don't ask. Which is why they are special.

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