Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When I was a little girl, I always had three wishes on the tip of my tongue because you never know when you would meet a fairy. I was always prepared for my fairy encounter. I had the most enjoyable and pleasant time anticipating this fairy encounter (the fairy in my fantasy looked like a cross between a Disney princess and Tinker bell). I would wear my fairy meeting dress (everyone knows that fairies like lacy, frilly, pretty dresses in pastel shades especially pink. I used to call it my Pari (fairy) dress and had several of those) and would have my play tea set in the garden and would spend many hours daydreaming and having virtual play dates with the most beautiful of fairies.

A blog post by my friend, Polymathicus, revived this memory for me. This luminous memory was like a memory fairy wand that touched so many aspects of my life. I looked at my current favorite dress ( a lovely pink, lilac, and green dress from Saks Fifth Avenue) and it was so conceptually similar to my fairy dresses. I goggled and saw wonderful fairy themed jewellery, and wonderful mushrooms and flowers themed bath and kitchen products, and butterfly chairs and flowery tables. I looked out of our patio and saw a setting fit for watching the fairies. So I cleaned our patio and got some delightful furniture from Ikea and now it has become my favorite place. During the day as I sip my chocolate, I watch squirrels and cardinals, robins and blue jays and when I am lucky deers too. I even do mystical fairy readings that have been so accurate and so incredibly sweet. I got the mystical faerie tarot deck which so fits into my current state of mind and seems to belong to my patio. Here's a link if you want to see it yourself http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/mystic-faerie/
(Created by Linda Ravenscroft and text by Barbara Moore)

The colors of this deck are so subtle and seem in complete harmony with the faerie world. The borders of the cards seem to me as windows from which I can watch their world and learn their ways. Conversely, when the light is just right and when they are requested, the faeries also can peek into our life and guide us. This deck is truly enchantingly endearing.

At night, from my patio, I can see the dense forests and fireflies and stars twinkling and inviting me into this world. And when I hold this deck in my hand I seem to have discovered my portal to their world.

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